History of TENS

Non-medicamentous treatments of the pain Electric (TENS) Definition The TENS  technique which uses the properties of an electric current transmitted through electrodes placed on the skin.

History of TENS the Egyptians empirically used the electric shocks delivered by certain fish of the Valley of the Nile (” stripe électrique” or ” torpille”) to relieve the pains, by application on the algic zones. Since the publication of the theory of? spoil-control? by Melzack and Wall in 1965, thetrTENS  found a solid scientific base The history of TENS dates back thousands of years.

Today, this technique is commonly used by the doctors and the masseur-kinesitherapists, but also by the patients in the residence, to relieve various types of pains. The TENS can be practised only or in complement of other medicamentous or physical treatments. Mechanisms of action of the TENS The neurophysiological mechanisms by which the electric current can relieve the pain are not completely elucidated. However, two assumptions are often advanced to explain this antalgic action, which is function of the frequency and the intensity of the current used.

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